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Renaldo Wynn Cut

In a move we expected to go down at the end of training camp, Renaldo Wynn was cut from the Redskins roster. The move was due to the Skins needing space for the punter, Glenn Pakulak. For the first time in a while, the team actually has some depth on the defensive line. The emergence of Jeremy Jarmon as an active contributor certainly aided the decision.

Renaldo had not been active in any of the season's four games thus far. You know everyone thought very highly of Wynn. Kevin and I met him at an offseason event and he sat and spoke to us at length about a wide variety of subjects. He talked to us about his time with the Giants: "That defensive line had zero respect for the offensive line here." He was a likable dude with an easy-going, approachable demeanor.

What stood out most to me was that when you shook his hand, he had these gigantic club hands. Clearly a big and strong dude, he was not a factor in our immediate or long-term future. When the punter situation settles, I wonder if he'll be back.

Thanks for your work here Renaldo.rena