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The Redskins Red Zone Review, Sponsored by Comcast

This is going to become a weekly feature on Hogs Haven in conjunction with the deal that I told everyone about last week. So, since Comcast is sponsoring the site to promote their NFL Red Zone Channel, which allows you to see every score from every game every week, I thought it was only appropriate that we track how the Burgundy & Gold have fared so far, while also taking a look at this week's opposition's red zone stats.

Redskins Red Zone Statistics 2009
Redskins Offense Opponent's Offense
Giants 2-3 0-3
Rams 0-5 1-3
Lions 1-2 1-3
Buccaneers 1-3 1-1
Panthers ?-? ?-?

So, overall the Redskins are 4-13 in the Red Zone...a cool 31%. Ouch. Especially when you look at the terrible defenses they played. Who would have thought 4 weeks in that the Redskins BEST red zone day would be against the Giants defense? The Carolina Panthers give up a NFL 3rd worst 29 points per game and a NFL WORST, 182.7 rushing yards per game. This HAS to be the game the Skins break out, right?

Well, the Panthers are coming off a BYE week and their 3 losses are against three very solid opponents. Given the Cowboy's awesome backfield, it's surprising to see the Panthers held them to only 1 score out of 4 trips. Ah, right. Romo had those 2 incomplete passes from the 1-yard line.

Panthers Red Zone Statistics 2009
Panthers Offense Opponents Offense
Eagles 1-3 3-3
Falcons 2-3 3-4
Cowboys 0-0 1-4
BYE - -
Redskins ?-? ?-?

The key to the Skins RZ success obviously lies in their ability to run the ball, which sets up a frustrating day given the woes they've had with the OLine and not having that break-away runner. I think I've broken 3 remotes this year so far, hopefully Portis can save my new one and get into the end zone.

Comcast's NFL RedZone