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Mike Wise Show: Broadcaster George Michael Reveals the Redskins Front Office Woes


This is some amazing audio and look into Dan Snyder, Vinny Cerrato, and Jim Zorn. Steinberg blogged some of the text highlights of this 25 minute interview, but all the questions we would EVER want to ask Snyder, George Michael, who is a friend of Snyder, answers them in HEATED fashion:

"Let me tell you the truth: Dan does make I think most of those big-type decisions," Michael said. "He says 'Let's get this guy, let's get that guy.' And the guy that takes the heat for it--and it's why I think he's never gotten fired--is Vinny Cerrato...You need a coach who says 'I don't need that! I don't want that.'....if Zorn beat the Lions he'd have that type of power....Vinny Cerrato is a ZERO when it comes to public relations and building relationships with people in the world. I'm sorry."

"I'll tell you this. Dan Snyder does not want to fire Jim Zorn...on my kids have to take risks. That's what Snyder did with Zorn."