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4 Reasons I Will Not Be Rooting for the Steelers

1.) Jeff Reed - Kicker who thinks he's the shit ( I know Steelers'  fans have to be embarrassed by this. To get the full picture of who is Jeff Reed, check out the video of him at the link above. Yes, it is possible to be douche-ier than Mike Vanderjagt.

If that's not enough, there's always the picture he took of himself with his camer-phone showing off his pubes. Borderline NSFW...I'd advise not clicking it. 

2.) God-awful Fan Video #1 (courtesy of KissingSuzyKolber)
I guess when you live in Pittsburgh you have nothing to do but write terrible songs for everyone on the Internet. Let's see, "Roethlisberger" ends in "berger" let's have singing hamburgers! God, this is bad. At least youtube nation of 2500 people gave it the lowest rating possible (1 star).

3.) Terrible Towels at Obama's Inauguration (
So you're at Obama's Inauguration. What do you do? Wave an American flag? Nope. Wave some home-made Obama sign? Nope. Clap like a normal person? Nope. Wave a terrible-towel...Lord help us. The Internet coverage of these terrible towels is only helping make these towels more viral. When the next Pope gets chosen, I wouldn't be surprised to see people waving terrible towels at the Vatican just so someone can blog it.

4.) God-awful fan Video #2 (KissingSuzyKolber)

Without a doubt this guy is not allowed within 1500 feet of any elementary schools. How does this guy go out in public?

The obvious omission from this list is what the Steelers' fans did to Fedex Field for the Monday Night Football game, but I don't blame the Steelers' fans. The blame  falls solely on the Redskins' organization.