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Is It Just Me or Is It a Little Drafty In Here?

Slow Sunday.

Remember before there were 5 million channels, they would roll up to the Super Bowl on ESPN (or ESPN2) with the marathon of Super Bowls? And that was pretty much the only time of the year when you got it, right? I recall the thought process I went through as we got closer to the big game. Every Super Bowl was a half hour show. So you just took however many Super Bowls had transpired prior to this year's game and you could plot out your schedule. So you would know if you had to set your alarm clock for like 3:30 AM if you wanted to watch Riggo take it to the house on 4th and 1 (and some years you kept the tube on long enough to see the Raiders destroy us, and some years you just didn't.)

I always liked watching the Steelers games where they beat the Cowgirls. Made me wish that somehow the Skins and Cowgirls could face off in a Super Bowl. Now, as a wiser, smarter man, I know that every time we play those punks is the Super Bowl.

With the advent of the aforementioned zillion channels we get the litany of Super Bowls every Wednesday. So today as I flipped around and saw that the NFL Network was doing it, I was able to resist the urge to just camp out and watch every game (it was my 'last channel' about 95% of the time--until 'Rob and Big' started running at the same time as Gladiator).

Watching those great teams play in the big games, including our own Skins, you see game after game full of guys that were drafted by their franchise. Which brings us ALL the way back to the issue that plagues us...still. Let's not go to negativetown today. Instead, let's look at our 1st round pick.

#13 overall.

What is it worth (or better, what is it "worth")? I chose one of the many sites that post the "Draft Pick Value" chart. They are all pretty much the same. Check one out.

So I was thinking, our pick is worth 1150 pts. Woo-hoo! Let's see what we can get for it. Remember the old days of Wheel of Fortune, when all the prizes were on that spinning stage and they would put the contestants face up in the corner of the screen and he would be like, "I'll take the grandfather clock for $800, the skis for $150, the spa package for $200 and I'll bank the rest, Pat." He would always have to say something like, "The spa package is for my wife, Pat." Right.


So let's do the same with this pick. What do you want to get with it? Netting 2 second round picks is obviously doable from a value perspective, but unlikely unless we deal with the Giants, Patriots or Dolphins--the only teams with multiple picks in the 2nd round. So more creativity is necessary. We'll have to make 2 trades to get the extra picks--moving down in the first round and then down again into the second round. and to beat this dying horse, adding Randle-El to one of the deals is probably going to help net the best results.


So let's hear it. Who is our most likely trade partner and why?