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Super Bowl tickets are dirt cheap

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If you've ever wanted to attend a Super Bowl and have no connections, this is probably the year to do it.  Every year about this time I check ebay for prices on tickets.  A little under two weeks out, prices usually start at $2,200 per upper.

This year tickets are selling for much less. Looking at the completed listings on Ebay, two lower levels (end zone) went for $3699 and 2 uppers sold for $2170. A couple of broker sites, like Stubhub, have them starting at $1599 a pop for uppers. Obviously the poor economic times play a big factor, but let's be real. If it was the Redskins in the Super Bowl, I can name a lot of my friends, myself included, who would be throwing a ticket on their credit card. I expect Steelers fans to do the same. Will Cardinals fans be doing it? Perhaps. Most likely not in large masses like the terrible towels.

I expect this to be a home game for PIT in many ways. I've been hearing reports that the field in Tampa is currently frozen. It is has been a low in the 30's there all week with a high in the 50s. Since kickoff is at 6:20, the temperature should be fine, but what does that mean for the field? They're bringing in a new grass this week that doesn't freeze. If the new turf has trouble holding up, that will certainly slow down the ARI offense. 

A lot of writers have been quick to predict a boring a Super Bowl. I personally hate when writers do this. It quickly lends to the notion that having two smaller market teams automatically results in a snooze fest. Arizona is an exciting team to watch, and the Steelers are the juggernaut solid defense. If the Super Bowl this year was Dallas versus New England, I can say I would certainly be less inclined to watch (though, true, I am biased since I hate Dallas).