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Open Thread & Predicitons

Bald-eagles_113_medium vs. Cardinal_byownby1_medium

Everything we know tells us that the Eagles are going to win this game, and Vegas has us leaning that way with the Eagles -4. However, let's be realistic. History has told us that both favorites are not going to win. If both upsets happen then there would be two 6-seeds in the Super Bowl for the first time ever.  I don't see that but I have to choose one upset here and I like the Cards chances better than the Ravens. Cards 33 - Eagles 30.


This is one of those games where someone can just text me the final score. I don't need to really watch. To me, Steelers fans are 3rd most annoying in the league behind the Eagles and for that reason, I'm rooting for the Ravens. Flacco is setting records with road wins as a rookie in the playoffs. I think the cinderalla story ends here in many ways. Not just because the Ravens get knocked off, but there LB core gets blown up in free agancy.

Steelers 24 Ravens 16.

Thoughts? Comment here to talk throughout the game if you like. I'll try to jump on, but I might be attending the Inauguration concert at the Lincoln Memorial.