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Dammit...I have to go to Philly tonight

I have to head to Philly tonight for a friend's party and that got me thinking, how annoying are the Philly people going to be for me tonight? My friend's party is at a bar, so I imagine I'll hear the E-A-G-L-E-S chant every 45 seconds. I have my old faithful comebacks of  "Zero superbowls," and singing the lyrics to this song...

....but something feels different this year. The Eagles look better than I've ever seen them, they're playing with no fear, and let's be honest, aging quarterbacks (Kurt Warner) do not do well against heavy-blitzing defenses. I cannot think of anything worse than the most annoying fans in the World winning 2 championships within three months of each other. I know I can always come back with, "So how many championship games have you lost in a row, now? 5?" Or, I can just buy bottled beer all night and smash it over their heads. There is a silver lining though. Vegas opened the line at -3 against the Cards...and now the line is -4. Whenever the public bets this heavy on one side, they usually lose (like me when I bet CAR last week). No more betting for me after being 10 beers deep.

Update: the last 10 teams to knock off the reigning super bowl champs in the playoffs are 0-10 straight up and 1-9 ATS in the following game. Go Cards!