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7 Redskins Gifts that will surely get you dumped (or beat up)

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Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I couldn't help but browse around and find that special Skins gift for my lady. It's pretty amazing to find the crap they sell on ebay these days when you actually look for it. I'm pretty sure if I gave any of these to my girl, I'd get a swift kick to the crotch:

Redskins Toilet Seat Cover- Ebay

Ladies "Italian" Charm Watch - 0.99 cents on ebay
Nothing says "I love you" like a Redskins watch that will most likely ship broken. I mean, when the shipping costs 15x the value of the watch, you know it's high quality.


Redskins Troll - ebay
Didn't trolls lose popularity 10 years ago?

Hogs in a Blanket - Redskins Blanket Costume - ebay
This has gotta be my favorite. Can you imagine wearing this getup to a road game, specifically in the upper deck at the Linc or Giants Stadium? I would expect (and hope) they'd throw me off the upper tier if I ever wore this. It can be yours (with shipping) for the amazing low price of $45.

Foamhead - Joe's Sports
This is one of those things that some people may like but I dislike it. When all the Browns fans came to Fedex with those stupid dog hats with the ears, I couldn't help but feel sorry for these maybe they were mentally handicapped. I guess to each their own. I'm in the boat wearing a jersey and hat is sufficient if you're over the age of 9.

Redskins Antenna Topper - ebay
Yes, what says "hard-core fan" more than Mickey Mouse dressed in Redskins gear on the antenna of your Hummer? The thing doesn't even look like Mickey Mouse. I persoanlly get a kick out of the seller's listing "We sell quality items". Umm...riiiight." "So what do you do for a living?" ... "I sell Mickey Mouse antenna tops on ebay!" .... I'm sure this guy gets all the chicks.

Redskins Toy Dinosaur - Joe's Sports
This one for some reason just annoys me. I think it's because I dislike seeing a Redskins helmet on something so pathetic looking. Reminds me of the Danny Wuerffel era.