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Rating our Offensive and Defensive Lines

So there is a lot of talk about how the Skins need to draft and fix our offensive/defensive lines. Looking at the 2008 total stats rankings, several things stand out and a few surprised me. Let’s take a look at the Defense first:

Rank: 28           Sacks: 24
Rank: 30           Fumble recoveries: 5
Rank: 17           Interceptions: 13
Rank: 24           Tackles: 1029
Rank: 7             Passing Yards per game allowed: 193.4
Rank: 8             Rushing Yards per game allowed: 95.4 

The top 3 were problems all year long. We could not get to the QB and we flat out did not get turnovers.  However, teams did not put up big numbers on us looking at the bottom 2 stats. Our corners bent over backwards having to cover WRs much longer than they needed to. Greg Blache deserves kudos for keeping us in the games he did. Jason Taylor mentioned that Blache’s defense is centered around stopping the run first. That might take SOME blame for the ridiculously low number of sacks, but come on.

So playing for the draft, what do we need? To me it seems we need speed on the outside. A DeMarcus Ware type (yes, even though we passed over him in the 2005 draft to select Carlos Rogers).  Our aging LB core is a concern as well. How much gas does London Fletcher have in the tank? Marcus Washington is as good as done.

In regards to the Offense:

Rank: 28           Total points 16.6
Rank: 28           Big play passes over 25 yards: 19 (Cowboys #1 with 36)
Rank: 28           Total touchdowns (12 rushing, 14 passing, 1 return, 0 defensive)
Rank: 24           Passing yards per attempt: 5.52 
Rank: 11                # of times sacked when passing: 38
Rank: 4             Qb rating away: 90.4
Rank: 20           Qb rating home: 80.4
Rank: 1             Pickles thrown (6)
Rank: 9             Yards per carry: 4.4
Rank: 14           Dropped passes: 28
Rank: 12           Pass % Complete: 62.4

The stats actually speak well of our offensive line. Jason Campbell was not sacked a lot, his interception total was best in the league, and his passing percentage was high. So what gives? Well, to start, his passing yards per attempt is embarrassing. Now that I think about, how many millions of times did Campbell throw a screen or dump pass where the receiver got crushed for another 3 and out? More than I want to remember.

There is a lot of controversy whether JC is our QB. I am not ready to throw the towel in yet, but the passing totals are horrific. He is almost the worst in the league in: points, touchdowns, and big plays. We have mentioned this before, but it is very alarming that JC does not call any plays at the line of scrimmage. He simply walks up to the center and hikes the ball. No pointing out blitzers and very few audibles if any are called. I cannot think of one successful QB in this league that got away with that style of play. If JC is unable to get the points number up the first half of next season, I’d bet my Skins zubaz pants that the Colt Brennan QB controversy would begin. After all, if JC was our guy…then why would we use such a high pick (6th round) for another QB? Hmm…

What are your thoughts on our OL? My friend Joe accurately called Jansen “the matador” the way he allows defensive lineman to run right by him. We certainly have an aging and battered line with Samuels, Thomas, and Jansen, and that is really the biggest concern.