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Russ Grimm has Bad Luck

All-pro Russ Grimm has made the cut to 15 for this year's Hall of Fame class. The 4-7 inductees will be announced on January 31st. Russ was one of the anchors for the "Hogs," and has gained some league-wide notoriety lately with his outstanding coaching in Pittsburgh, and now Arizona where he is the assistant coach and offensive line coach. His name is always in consideration for head coaching jobs, and within the next 3 years I think he'll get it.

All that aside, ask anyone in Skins nation and he is a shoe-in for the Hall. However, given how long it took Art Monk and Darrell Green to get in, I do not like Russ's chances at all, especially when looking at his competition this year. Damn Russ! You should of sat this year out! This year's final 15 are:

- Cris Carter
- Shannon Sharpe
- Bruce Smith
- Derrick Thomas
- Paul Tagliabue
- John Randle
- Richard Dent
- Bob Kuechenberg
- Andre Reed
- Russ Grimm
- Rod Woodson
- Randall McDaniel
- Ralph Wilson (Buffalo Bills owner)
- Dermontti Dawson
- Cortez Kennedy

The line is my guesstimate of who will make it and who will not. Hopefully the folks in Canton, OH will remember how much revenue Skins' fans gave them last year and decide to let Russ in. I'll definitely travel back to Canton for another weekend of shenanigans.