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Redskins Get Crushed 61-33

Since we are dedicated in providing ALL Redskins news, this just in: The Lady Fliers handle Redskins easily. Starting the game on 25-0 run will do that.

So where do the (Port Clinton) Redskins reside? I had no idea either. I found out they are located in Ohio, near Sandusky (yes, that one that makes car parts more reliable than Ray Zalinski).

So that got me thinking, how many Redskins teams are out there? Quite a few.

Gustine Redskins - (High school 50 miles east of San Jose)
St. John's Redskins - (HS between Phoenix and Albuquerque - seriously, people live there?)
Tulare Union - The school homepage isn't offensive at all. Ha.
Morris - They blatantly stole DC's logo.

Enough of the high schools though, there are tons of them. Can you name an NCAA team with the Redskins mascot?

Neither can I. Unfortunately I could not find one.