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Malcolm Kelly is just tired of sitting around

Sitting around has never exhausted me and indeed that's more the remedy to exhaustion where I'm from. But at least per Redskins Insider, Malcolm Kelly has taken that unconventional approach to weariness:

After sitting out the preseason because of hamstring and knee problems, rookie wide receiver Malcolm Kelly returned to practice yesterday, even though he spent most of it on the sideline observing and getting tips from wide receivers coach Stan Hixon...

"I was really just tired of sitting around," Kelly said. "I know what I still have to do. I still have to refresh with the plays and make sure I go out there and get the small things right."

Amid lingering doubts about the efficacy of this offense, news of Kelly's return can only be spun positively. We weren't exactly, er, lighting it up last Thursday and at least one Hogs Haven commenter (I can't find the comment, though) noted that perhaps we'd be better off with a tall posession receiver running around. This was probably influenced due to the contrast between our own limp offense and that of the Giants, including Plaxico Burress who seemingly caught whatever was thrown his way despite having a defender painted on him some of the time.

At his listed 6'4 219 pounds Malcolm Kelly is both the tallest and heaviest wide receiver on the team, thus making him the best bet to our glut at large guy who can catch things with receiver painted on them to move chains. It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that large guy who can etc. is a very valuable member of any and every offense.

Anyone else find his comment a bit strange, though? I'm reluctant to write anything extensively on it as I usually misread this type of thing, in fact I have a history of doing so, but what do you mean you were tired of just sitting around? Were you just sitting around? Why did you remedy this sitting down now as opposed to before? Is your motivation for recovery the drive to get on the field or the drive to avoid sitting around? Most importantly, what do you have against sitting around, anyways? Some of my best friends sit around.

Kelly's availability for this weekend's game looks better already and, as the article notes, he'll be there "should all go well," Ostensibly this will mean that not much sitting around was done.

Shawn Springs also returned to practice at 90 percent:

Coach Jim Zorn said. "He was probably 90 percent out there. He had a nice interception today. He looked like he was moving very good on his leg."

I don't know what utility teams have in stating subjective injury evaluations in easily identifiable terms such as percentages. Many fans will assign their own arbitrary level of "% readiness" that necessarily qualifies a player to start. I've spoken with many fans who would expect, say, their #1 corner to play at 90%. If the team is serious that he's "90%" (really, who knows what that means) then they're setting themselves up for the ire of many fans should Springs not, you know, actually show up. I'm against this policy, but kudos to Zorn for qualifying it with "probably." It's information without saying anything. Quick study, that Jim.

Thrilled they're both approaching recovery; Carlos Rogers looked overmatched in much of Thursdays' game and I don't need to tell you the offense wasn't worth watching. Whether Springs or Kelly fix either problem won't be decided on the internet, but I'm hopeful.