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Late Sunday games open thread slash HH fantasy football update

Probably a bit late but I've spent much of the afternoon our and about, watching football. Games I watched today were Jacksonville at Tennessee and a little bit of Pittsburgh and Houston. Since we play the Steelers this year (Behind the Steel Curtain is a good website) it is of some interest how they looked today for those reader(s) that missed the game.

Pittsburgh ruined Houston, Fast Willy Parker said no and scored three touchdowns and Hines Ward added two more. In discussion with my amigo Blitzburgh we both agreed that winning a game with 14 passes when your quarterback completes something like 13 passes is just about the perfect way to win. His words: "Efficient, efficient football" captures it. They played good defense, they threw the ball effectively, and they ran without mercy. This is not a team we will easily defeat.

Besides that I'd love to get reader(s) thoughts on all the games they watched. Or not. This is your Sunday late game open thread.

I'm out until tomorrow, make sure you v isit all the other SB Nation blogs for updates, input, analysis, etc. on all today's games. Cheers.

PS: I'm currently locked in battle with Hogs Haven contributor Burgundy and Gold in the Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League. I've been placed in the unfortunate position of rooting against Derek Anderson (playing the Cowboys) but the fortunate position of rooting against T.O., in order to win. As of this moment I'm up, I have Anthony Gonzalez of Indy and Adrian Peterson yet to play. He has Joseph Addai and the aforementioned Anderson still playing. If Michael Turner hadn't acted like a crazy person today I'd already be celebrating. As of this writing BnG and I reprsent the 1st and 3rd highest scoring teams of the week, though there's plenty of football left.