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Smoot smacked with back, er, hip injury

Still absorbing the results of last night's frustrating loss to the Giants. And by absorbing I mean day drinking here I come!

There's a lot going on in the Redskins blogosphere regarding the game. By way of example but not exhaustion here's a couple quick notes before we get into the title number, quickly: Dan Steinberg has quotes from the players... Riggo's Rag says it was the little things (but lots of them)... I am very eager to read Post Game Heroe's recap as I felt there was a huge amount of fail by the offensive line and they will direct my pointed fingers best... Ben at Curly R wants this game Del Tacoed... we ain't seen the real Zorn offense yet -- I sure hope that's right... but maybe we have seen the same old Redskins offense?

Fred Smoot was injured in the game with the scoop via Redskins 360:

Fred Smoot left Thursday's game at the Giants in the third quarter with a back injury, but on Monday Zorn said that the corneback instead has a hip pointer which is painful but shouldn't keep him out against New Orleans on Sept. 14.

Praise jeebus. There were times I didn't feel the secondary was playing all that great but 16 points isn't so bad, especially without your starting cornerback. Carlos Rogers looked especially lost, particularly early on. We're not so far removed from 2006 to know what kind of disaster lurks when your corners are injured.

Better news: Shawn Springs expected to return against New Orleans this weekend. We'll get our best look at the defense against a very talented Saints QB in Drew Brees, and hopefully a new look at our own offense, which will remain sans Malcolm Kelly, per the above article.