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A game happened? I wouldn't know anything about that. Here are some Washington Redskins cheerleaders.

[Note by Skin Patrol, 09/05/08 12:07 PM EDT ] TORB (The Octagon Of Pain!) beat me to the punch on the MAXIM story this morning, here. I hate being last to the dance. I hate being last to the dance without recognizing those who showed up early even more.

Great timing by Maxim as there's nothing like a little PG-13 skin to take my mind off some truly R rated suckage by Your Washington Redskins. The offense gave me nightmares, just as I predicted. I dreamt it was 4th and 13 and Campbell hit a covered receiver at the line of scrimmage nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

But, thanks to Maxim, my mind is elsewheres. What appears to be something like damn near half the Cheerleader roster was featured in Maxim (all pictures available here). Lest anyone accuse me of succumbing to the simple pleasures of the flesh, my motivation is actually to encourage voting. This is the season of democracy and I only hope that you take time to participate... Or as Maxim puts it:

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders



Vote for something in Washington that truly matters.

Ooooooh chuckle chuckle belly laugh the democratic process is best served by picking which woman is morest attractive than others. Presidential elections are so four years ago.

You can go vote for your favorite cheerleader here. In the spirit of democracy I'm keeping my vote a secret, though it is one of the three women in the click below. Go do your civic duty. (ED. NOTE: Some of these might not be safe for work, depending where you work. We've all read Maxim so... use your best judgment.)







Alright I'm a poltiical animal and I can't help myself. I'm stumping for Leanne, I think she's from South Africa. She has my vote. What can I say, I'm a partisan.