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Yah so what have you done for the Redskins lately?

Another week another edition. This takes so long.

Atlanta Falcons 9, Carolina Panthers 24

The only other remaining NFC division with winning teams is the NFC South, which makes it the prime candidate for challenging the East for one of the coveted two WC spots. So what do I need from you, Atlanta and Carolina? Just beat the snot out of each other. I want four equally bleh teams with no one emerging. Someone was going to end this game 2-2 and someone was going to end it 3-1, so be it.

Cleveland Browns 20, Cincy Bengals 12

Both these teams remain on our schedule and both look bad so far. So much for Cleveland as the popular pick to surprise the AFC; it's business as usual in Ohio. Result was unimportant -- one of these teams had to have a win -- but it appears we should have a good shot at being 2-0 against this tandem, although anything can happen.

Houston Texans 27, Jacksonville Jags 30

We play neither team, neither is important to us. I am thankful of the AFC South for relinquishing the Best Division In Football title completely, if there were a doubt over the past few years. I thought the AFC South was the only division that could legitimately challenge for that title, but no longer. Houston is simply not very good, the Jags are struggling along with the Colts, though the Titans look, to this point, like one of the best teams in the league.

Minnesota Vikings 17, Tennessee Titans 30

At 1-3 the Vikings are a long ways away towards challenging for an NFC WC spot, but I suppose we should always root for the AFC against the NFC, presuming a tight race for the last playoffs spots (or we could just go ahead and win the East, ya know?). Titans look strong and the Vikings are the NFC's version of the Browns.

Denver Broncos 19, Kansas City Chiefs 33

Last week I joked that our 11 point line deficit to the Cowboys was distressing since someone has to play the Chiefs. Joke is on me, congrats to the Chiefs on their first win. We play neither team.

San Francisco 49ers 17, New Orleans Saints 31

The D in DVOA was released for the first time this week. Stands for Defense-Adjusted Value Over Average, which means we finally get the rankings based not only on how high a team's success rate has been, but that balanced against the quality of opponent. After four weeks, the Saints are the fifth highest DVOA offense in the league, second in passing (behind the Redskins, unbelievably) and we held them in check, for the most part. I'd love to see them rise from the grave (ALTERED BEAST WHOA!) to cause turmoil in the NFC South.

Green Bay Packers 21, Tampa Bay Bucs 30

With this win Tampa Bay helped the NFC South to an 8-0 record at home. This is a division that is going places and I'd have liked nothing more than for the Packers to assert hegemony over the North, beat the Bucs of the South, and keep that entire division in check. I'm not worried about wildcards from Green Bay's division. I'm worried about the Tampa Bay Bucs. Although I'd love to fight them again in the postseason.

Arizona Cardinals 35, New York Jets 56

Another one of our foes playing pretty good offense, although in this instance it mattered not for the poor Cardinals. Makes me wonder why we didn't score more points against them, though I maintain we'd have had 30+ if not for a Heyer penalty. The AFC West scares me not but good on the Jets for smoking the Cardinals, just the same.

San Diego Chargers 28, Oakland Raiders 18

What a shit storm it is in Oakland right now. I just watched Al Davis call Lane Kiffin a liar that got fired "for cause, not for results." Or something like that. Doesn't make a difference to us, though.

Buffalo Bills 31, St. Louis Rams 14

We actually play the Rams in less than two weeks so I'm pleased to see them continue their downward spiral. This might represent a game where we're the double digit favorites.

Your Washington Redskins 26, Dallas Cowboys 24

We've spent enough literature on this but, just to recap: We beat a team. We beat a division rival. We beat a division rival we hated. We beat a division rival we hated that many considered the best team in football. We beat a division rival we hated that many considered the best team in football despite being huge underewoks. We beat a division rival we hated that many considered the best team in football despite being huge underewoks on their home turf. Ding, dong, the witch is dead, which old witch, etc.

Philly Eagles 20, Chicago Bears 24

What have you done for me lately? Redskins opened as 5 point underewoks to the Philly Eagles, so we've got that going for us. The Bears are acting like king killers right now though I guess that depends in large part on how good the Colts really are. MAKE NO MISTAKE: The Eagles are going to be a difficult team to beat. We will not be expected to win. But neither were the Ewoks. (Also, good job Bears, anything that keeps the Eagles down is good for the Redskins in the long run.)

Baltimore Ravens 20, Pittsburgh Steelers 23

Huge win for the Steelers. What you should be watching is how both these teams play throughout the season, we've got the Ravens in December -- their hood -- and the Steelers in November, our place. Neither game will be a gimme.

All I gots.