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Jim Zorn, motivational speaker and undefeatable at Texas Stadium

If you've been reading the Post or the Times or anywhere else on the internet regarding the game, you've no doubt heard that Jim Zorn is something like the first Redskins coach since Jack Pardee (or something -- by the way this isn't necessarily that great, Pardee beat the Cowboys in his first season on his way towards a 6-0 start that ultimately saw us finishing 8-8, total collapse) to beat the Cowboys in his first go around. I don't know if that's true, I've just read it six or seven times now. Zorn will also be the only coach to never get defeated at Texas Stadium barring, obviously, those Redskins coaches who never had games there. That's all great stuff and will remain true even if we roll through Dallas come the playoffs.

More importantly, though, he is speaking some pretty mighty motivation per Chris Cooley:

The night before the game we talked about two things. The first point was that it was going to take an unbelievable effort by everyone to win the game. Z talked about "jumping off." He's reading a book about Kit Carson and his trip from Missouri to New Mexico in the early 1800's. When someone decided to leave Missouri for further west they were jumping off. This was crazy dangerous and took a huge leap of faith and commitment. I know it sounds way corny and it did to us the night before the game, but if you think about it, it was relevant to our situation. Jump off to beat the Cowboys.

It is horribly corny but, really, nothing is corny after you upset an 11 point favorite in their hood. He could've said "Go out there and do it for the Carebears, guys" and, assuming they win the football game, he's said all the right things. Whatever coaxes strong play out of Your Washington Redskins is fine by me. Adds Cooley:

Maybe Z is the pep talk expert. I mean, before the New Orleans game the topic was "be excellent." A line from George Carlin in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

No way!

Yes way. Jim Zorn and I are moved by the same movies. I should totally be coaching, bra.

(ALSO: Peter King thinks Jim Zorn is currently Coach of the Year:

Coach of the Year: Jim Zorn, Washington. Think back to when he was picked. "Snyder's a loon!'' you thought. Well, you might still think that, but you can't argue with the results. For the first time in four years, Campbell finally looks like the long-term answer at quarterback, and Zorn's tutelage is a big reason. For the second time in 11 years, Washington won at Dallas. And for the first time in ages, Washingtonians aren't looking for Joe Gibbs to ride in on his white horse to save the season.

That is all.)