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The Murf scores Santana Moss interview and Chris Horton chats at the Times 2PM

Homer McFanboy aka The Murf posted his interview with Santana Moss, which makes him big time, tastes like this:

As everyone knows, you went to the University of Miami. During your college career, you became the first player to earn Big East Offensive and Special Teams Player of the Year honors in the same season, and you set the Hurricanes’ all-time record with 2,546 receiving yards – erasing the record previously held by Michael Irvin. Why did you choose to become a Hurricane and what did you get out of your time at “The U?”

I look at it as the Hurricanes chose me, you know. I was selected to come there on a track scholarship and I feel like there was no better school I could have went to in order to be able to do both things – run track and play football. They gave me the opportunity to come in there on a track scholarship and also play football. They were the best school that gave me an offer. All the other schools were up north and I don’t think I was ready to go away from home yet.

Once I got there, it was hands down, what we went through and how I prepared myself, that’s how I was able to become one of the best receivers that’s come out of there. I just stuck to it, and I had a great class, so we all motivated each other and were able to become one of the best classes to ever come out of there.

I thought that was an appropriate section given this is Dallas Hate Week. Go read the entire interview so I don't feel bad for pilfering such a large section.

Later, Chris Horton will have a live chat with the Washington Times:

Chris Horton, a free safety with the Washington Redskins, joins The Washington Times for a live chat on Friday, Sept. 26, at 2 p.m. You must be registered with to ask questions. To register, click the gray word "REGISTER" on the top right-hand corner of this page, then follow the instructions. Once you're registered, come back to this chat page and then click the orange "Ask a Question" link.

The above link has all the gray words etc. you need to ask questions. I have no doubt that someone will ask what his current situation is in re: Reed Doughty, which I'm curious about.

Finally, a very good article from Redskins public enemy numero uno for many years, Rick Gosselin (who we loved to hate for his unwillingness for some years to come around on Art Monk's Hall of Fame bid) of the Dallas Morning News: His idol gone, safety Landry helping Redskins fill a major void:

"There was all this talk that it'd be tough for me to work with this guy because we were both big-time safeties, we were both high draft picks and we both had big contracts," Landry said. "But it was totally opposite of that. The moment I got there, Sean said we need to sit down, me and you, and decide how we're going to do this."


Through nine games, Taylor collected 46 tackles and ranked second in the NFL with five interceptions. He was voted posthumously to the Pro Bowl. Landry finished third on the team with 97 tackles and was voted a Pro Bowl alternate.

Would we be 11 and a half point underdogs if Sean Taylor were playing? I doubt it.