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Bubba Tyer with calming voice on Jason Taylor injury, also hates the Cowboys more than anyone


[Jason Taylor's] situation escalated into high drama for no immediately apparent reason. Taylor made an impromptu appearance at Redskins Park today, and mentioned that doctors had insisted on doing the procedure on his leg promptly. This, apparently, led people to finally read up on compartmental syndrome — which I mentioned on Monday that “the internet makes sound characteristically terrifying” — and found out that it could have caused amputation or even death if untreated. So Coach Zorn got to explain all about the anatomy of the calf again, which satisfied no one (but was entertaining), and then Bubba Tyer was asked to come out and speak to the media for the first time in ages to explain exactly what had happened. (Very short version: everything was under control, and other players, including a “prominent linebacker,” have suffered this before and returned quickly.)

So it's one of those injuries that results in either death, amputation, or prominence. As much as chicks dig scars, I'm thinking return to prominence is clutch.

No word at the Official Jason Taylor Website on injury updates or how the recently acquired defensive end is feeling, though my guess is he's feeling CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! Taylor is peddling a new male-only product that "has it wrapped up." Draw your own conclusions. (Or go watch the commercial here.)

Redskins Insider discusses former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Jim Zorn adjusting to learning to hate hate hate Dallas. Best way to develop that seething, irrational, and endearing loathing for the Cowboys? Bubba Tyer:

(My recommendation: Sit next to Bubba Tyer on the flight out there, ask him how much he hates the Cowboys, then listen to him churn for the next three hours. That ought to do it. Nobody hates the Cowboys like Bubba.)

Tyer has been with the team for something like 40 years now. I say something like, because I have to try and piece together his history with the team from old articles because, unbelievably, Tyer isn't listed anywhere on the Official Site that I can find. No joke, search there reveals:

No results for bubba tyer

This is one of the most enduring characters in Redskins franchise history, Ring of Fame inductee, and he can't even get a little blurb on the site? He already retired once, so there's no excusing this on the basis that he's still employed by the team. I mean...

“With George Allen and Jack Pardee, we'd have 15 two-a-days in a row. With all them two-a-days in a row, you don't have a chance to recover from soft tissue injuries.”

That's just science.

The year the former Marine joined the Redskins was 1971 (1971!) -- which happens to be the year our oldest player, Ethan Albright, was born.

He rules.