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Yah so what have you done for the Redskins lately?

This is an attempt at a regular feature on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays depending on how much you hate it detailing the week's NFL action and the impacts, if any, particular games had on Your Washington Redskins. Don't presume that because I'm talking about a game, I watched it. Much of the commentary will depend on boxscores and the like since I am far too poor to afford the media services requisite in catching more than 3-4 games a week.

Kansas City Chiefs 14, Atlanta Falcons 38

Neither team is on the schedule. Future interest might be in KC's head coach, Herm Edwards, who will soon be looking for any potentially vacated coordinator positions after he is FIRED FIRED FIRED soon enough. However, given the way that team has nose-dived, I don't know many people who really want him as coordinator, even. The Falcons may represent some trouble in the future depending how much someone is buying their shot at a division or wildcard spot in what has now become a competitive (inside the division at least) NFC South. In my opinion, this year it is win the South or watch the playoffs, so...

Oakland Raiders 23, Buffalo Bills 24

We do not play either of these teams and neither impacts our ability to get into the postseason. I watch the Bills only with the hope that they will finally unseat the Patriots in their division. I watch the Oakland Raiders because we all stare at car wrecks. The flapping heads say what Al Davis is doing to his head coach is disgraceful. Disgraceful like an entertaining fox!

Tampa Bay Bucs 27, Chicago Bears 24

It's early, but the South is representing a far scarier hand against us for a potential cross-divisional wildcard battle royale. The North is simply soft right now, with their best having no chance against ours. The Vikings don't look like the preseason favorite so many of us were drooling over, and the Lions? Pushaw. Impressed as I was that the Bears beat the Colts, I just don't think they make the playoffs without securing the North. We play neither team.

Carolina Panthers 10, Minnesota Vikings 20

Already talked about the Vikings, the NFC North, and the NFC South. Whether Gus Frerotte is Fr'real is up in the air. Tarvaris Jackson is not. The Panthers have a better chance at playing somebody's spoiler in the South than at actually winning it, in my opinion. We play neither.

Miami Dolphins 38, New England Patriots 13

No consequences for our team whatsoever but so absolutely entertaining watching the Patriots gets dismantled by a pretty unimpressive Dolphins team. If the Patriots lose to the Dolphins lose to the Cardinals lose to the Redskins, that does make us better, right? Talking heads on Rome is Burning were just saying how Belichick is now exposed as a fraud, given his team sucks without Tom Brady. While true, no mere fraud wins 3 Super Bowls with or without Brady, as there have been a lot of teams with great quarterbacks who have failed to yield more than one (Peyton Manning, for instance). The lesson: Cheating makes a difference.

Cincy Bengals 23, New York Giants 26

This game was double plus ungood for two reasons: 1) I was just getting comfortable with looking past the Bengals when we face them this December, 2) Total missed opportunity to make ground on an NFC rival that already has a tie breaker against us. However good we think the Redskins are, if we aren't as good as at least one NFC East rival, we're doomed to no postseason. There aren't enough wildcard spots for us all to make it, which means we have to remain above at least one team. Root against the NFC East all year, people, because they all look sharp.

Houston Texans 12, Tennessee Titans 31

Game has no impact on us although I watch the Titans closely because I have so many friends that are Vince Young fans. That the Titans are now one of the best teams in the AFC is reason enough to believe that the NFC is challenging for the better conference. Michael Wilbon just said he thinks the Cowboys, Eagles, and Giants were better than any team in the AFC. I have no idea if he's right.

Arizona Cardinals 17, Washington Redskins 24

All our wins are huge and consequential and divinely inspired and magnificent. This was a much better Cardinals team than we're accustomed to facing and they have as good as not a chance of going on to win the division. Etc.

New Orleans Saints 32, Denver Broncos 34

This game demonstrates either how great our defense is or how poor the Broncos is. In any event, a week after we limited Drew Brees substantially in our game he went off like a crazy person against the Broncos, with 421 passing yards. That's about half what we gave him, and we picked him off. Twice.

Detroit Lions 13, San Francisco 49ers 31

Both teams remain on our schedule. How fortunate it is that Detroit is our road non-divisional conference opponent this year, as they look positively disgusting thus far in the season. San Francisco is ditto. Detroit represents zero chance of challenging us for a wild card but I'm not so sure the same is true of the 49ers, who find themselves in such a bad division that it's possible, wish upon a star, that they win 9 games this year.

St. Louis Rams 13, Seattle Seahawks 37

See above comments in Re: NFC West. Who will win? Who knows but we face both these teams and I'm obviously more worried about the Seahawks -- only because the Rams are about the worst team in the league by two -- who have carnal knowledge of our Head Coach. And we have to fly up to Qwest field to beat the Seahawks, a task I can't remember us ever accomplishing. 2005 and 2007 postseason? Yea, eff the Seahawks.

Cleveland Browns 10, Baltimore Ravens 28

We play both these teams. Preseason I was thrilled we had the Browns at home and the Ravens on the road, though I've since changed my mind. All those claiming Browns as preseason cinderellas need account for themselves (if that includes me, I won't admit it without damning evidence). After our gauntlet against the Cowboys and Eagles on the road the next two weeks, it will be nice to have the Browns and Rams at home. If we're 2-2 over the next 4 games, I'll be content. If we're 3-1, cover your ears.

Jacksonville Jaguars 23, Indy Colts 21

We play neither. The only joy fans might get out of this is schadenfreude over the Colts looking in disarray, which I think is perfectly natural given how absolutely dominating their team has been over the past X years. Everyone hates the King.

Pittsburgh Steelers 6, Philly Eagles 15

I mourn with Steelers Nation and am terrified of the prospect of facing the Eagles pass rush, which managed something like 72 sacks against Big Ben last week. Another opportunity missed for us to gain a game on the Eagles, and this was about as good a prospect as we had from the AFC North. We still have to play the Steelers which is, despite this result, a very good football team. We get them at home, at least.

Dallas Cowboys 27, Green Bay Packers 16

No one is giong to beat the Dallas Cowboys for us. It will be up to us to beat the Dallas Cowboys. The rest of the league will be unreliable in this task. The great news this week is that I won't b attending the Redskins - Cowboys game at Texas Stadium for the first time in years. We lost the last two times I attended, and you know what happened in 2005. Count it. (I will be in DFW for the game, though, so pray for me.)

New York Jets 29, San Diego Chargers 48

First, click the above two links and go welcome our newest bloggers to SB Nation at Gang Green Nation and Bolts From The Blue. We're now a full deck. The game impacts us not and we play neither team for the rest of the year comma sooooooooooooo... Fuck Norv Turner?

I'm out.