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Redskins remain undefeated at home, beat Cardinals 24-17 (Quick postgame thoughts)

Quick thoughts from the game, before I go to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

  • Just looking over the boxscore, the stats don't show any great disparity between two teams, except: Turnovers Cardinals 2 Redskins 0. That will do it as often as not if you aren't dramatically outplayed by the other team, and we were not dramatically outplayed by the other team.
  • Where did we lose? They managed 5 yards per carry on the game. We had absolutely no answer against the run in the first half, though did a lot better in the second half, I felt (although I'd need to go back and look to see if there's any truth in that). The easiest way to take the running game out of the picture is to have a lead late in the game. We did that.
  • Jason Campbell was strong, 23/31 for 193 yards and 2 touchdowns (to Moss and Todd Yoder). No big mistakes besides the lay down, but you try standing up when Casey Rabach puts his foot on your ankle. Campbell went out there and took what the defense gave him and could've had a much better game statistically, if not for...
  • Thrilled that you're ok Stephon Heyer. Not so pleased with the unnecessary roughness penalty.
  • Devin Thomas, welcome to the Redskins. Your stat line may be unimpressive (1 rush for 16 yards on a nice end around, 2 receptions for 7 yards, targeted a few times early as well) but it would've been so much nicer had you gotten that eleventy million yard reception negated by penalty. You need to discuss the matter with Stephon Heyer, rook.
  • Carlos Rogers... with an interception? And not a shabby one; after a heads up play by Leigh Torrence in which he used his helmet to divert the ball's path, Rogers dives for the pick, then gets up, dusts himself off, and runs for 42 yards. That ultimately sets up the game winning score by Santana Moss on a 17 yard reception.
  • Friend called, he has Santana Moss on his fantasy team. Guy is a producer.
  • Penalties are stupid, both teams are stupid. 6-42 yards for Arizona, 7-67 on us. They did most of their damage on special teams, we did a lot of ours everywhich way. As much as I liked Devin Thomas making the big play (though called back), I hated his two offensive pass interference penalties. No doubt Big 10 fans of teams not called Michigan State will wonder whether he got away with much grabby grabby in College. (Settle down, I mean on the field.)
  • Anyone else see Antwaan Randle El's stat line as an NFL quarterback passer? Uhhhh. We should run an ARE pass play every game.
  • Ben won't like it but I want more Santana Moss fielding punts. Randle El only had an opportunity to return one but, ever consistent, only managed 6 yards, something like 15 if you counted the horizontal yards.
  • I agree with Moose (WHAT?) that Durant Brooks didn't appear to screw up the hold on Suisham's missed FG. What was Zorn so pissed off about?
  • 4.4 yards per carry is good, but better was Clinton Portis getting the yards when it mattered, closing out the game with a big first down run late in the 4th quarter. Betts likewise looked sharp (5.8 YPC but on just four carries).
  • Chris Cooley Chris Cooley Chris Cooley Chris Cooley Chris Cooley.

This team scares me a lot in some areas but I don't want to dwell on the negative after a 7 point, should've been 14 point win. Offense looks miles ahead of where it was in week one and, in spite of some minor hiccups on defense, we're playing pretty solid on both sides of the ball, at least this week. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS.

Some bad news: Looks like the Giants will beat the Bengals in overtime.

Maybe TexSkins will treat you to some recap action too.