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Open Thread for Arizona Cardinals @ Washington Redskins

Today, 1PM Eastern, which is in about an hour. NFL Distribution Maps say the game is playing in my hood, which means I might even be near a computer to join you pranksters in open threads. NFL Distribution Maps have duped me before, though...

Revenge of the Birds has a helpful injury update, because he's a superior blogger:

The Redskins report doesn't look as promising though with Khary Campbell (Thigh), Kareem Moore (Hamstring), James Thrash (Ankle), Marcus Washington (Hamstring) and Malcolm Kelly (Ankle) all listed as questionable, although Kelly was the only one who was limited in practice on Friday. London Fletcher (Not Injury Related), H.B. Blades (Knee), Carlos Rogers (Groin), Mike Sellers (Hamstring), Fred Smoot (Hip) and Jason Taylor (Knee) are all listed as probable.

Redskins Insider says it is NO on Kelly and NO on Erasmus James:

WR Malcolm Kelly, a second round pick, is out with an ankle injury.
DE Erasmus James, who has not looked very good thus far, is out.

(OMGoose TORB has the full list in easily digestible fashion. That's strong blogging.)

I'm far more worried about our secondary's health in this particular game than anything else, because we need to find ways to at least stop the bleeding from Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. If we're lining up linebackers against either of them, I don't think it really matters who it is; that's not a matchup we will often win.

Ben has his own gameday open thread up, so make sure you stop by and type hello, or something. He has strong feelings on a subject we disagree about:

Improve specials teams, somehow which could be tough given there is no one worth risking available for punt returns and the Redskins punter turns out to be green green green. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT PUT SANTANA IN TO RETURN PUNTS.

I say do it! Anything that increases the amount of times that Santana Moss gets his hands on the football in space is positive for this football team. He returned punts in College (I'm pretty sure) so it's not as if he is deer in the headlights against a mass of human flesh charging down the field at him with bad intentions. He knows when a fair catch is in order to save skin, and he knows how to move more than 5 yards away from the spot where he catches it, which is more than can be said for Antwaan Randle El. I'm not dogging Randle El, I'm just saying, your 2-3 person dekes are neat and everything, but I'd just as soon you move forward.

Chris Cooley watch: No pre game penis this week, but Chris Cooley is now an executive producer slash wasp slayer. Squatters beware.

Hey, you, HTTR.