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On the lighter side of things...

I won week 2 of Blogger Deathsport. Skin Patrol won week 1. What does that mean? It means that although we might not have our posting fancy pictures on the side skills, we are the most degenerate gamblers of the whole bloggerdom and if you have the capital that we do not, you should lay your money down and get rich and share with us, your pick 'em masters of blogsville. You might not read the most footbally informative blog 60 times a day... but you are in good hands. Good hands that would sell you out for the right odds.

I will have a brag post up soon, sharing with all of blogdom (read: like 6 other blogs) my superiority of degeneratism.

But enough about me. Here are my week's picks, lines courtesy of Yahoo! (by way of Curly Ben via email.) Enjoy:


KC @ ATL (-5.5)

CLE @ BAL (-2)

OAK @ BUF (-9.5)

TB @ CHI (-3)

DAL (-3) @ GB

NO @ DEN (-5.5)

JAX @ IND (-5.5)

CAR @ MIN (-3.5)

MIA @ NE (-12.5)

CIN @ NYG (-13.5)... That is a lot of points.

PIT @ PHI (-3)

DET @ SF (-4)

STL @ SEA (-9.5)

HOU @ TEN (-5)

ARZ @ WAS (-3)


NYJ @ SD (-9) SD (under Norval) rights the ship, but not by 10. SD 31 - NYJ 24. No 2 point conversions.

Expect SP's picks soon. We, like the NFC East, only lose against each other.