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Quick Monday Hits

First off, big won for the team on Sunday. Zorn got in the win column, and the Skins will stay withing a game of the NFC East leaders. The Giants are 2-0 and whoever wins tonight's big Eagles-Cowboys game will be as well.

Consider this your Monday night open thread.

Also, feel free to post anything from the NFL this weekend. So, I guess consider this your one big open thread for all things NFL.

Two things before I get ready for Bocephus and Co. One, this story is pretty funny. Everyone favorite Redskin blogger, Chris Cooley, posted a picture on his website prior to Sunday's game. I can't think of any better way to introduce it than to steal a bit of the article:

Cooley wanted to show the readers of his popular blog some of the study materials the players were given by coach Jim Zorn.

Cooley, however, was studying in the nude, and he didn’t examine his photo closely before posting it.

Read Cooley's response here. The title of the post: "We're Dumb." Classic.

Also, there was a controversial call in the DEN-SD game. For those of you who didn't see the game (or the 9,000 replays on ESPN and other such channels), DEN QB Jay Cutler, while attempting to throw a pass, fumbled the ball. It was a classic example of the now infamous "empty hand" rule (kissing cousins of the "tuck" rule) but Referee Ed Hochuli blew the play dead before the fumble was recovered. Now, he will apparently get "graded down," whatever that means. I really like Hochuli (in related news, so does my girlfriend, but for different reasons... like tight fitting referee jerseys) and hate to see him punished because the NFL has a fascination with protecting the quarterback. He was even man enough to admit his mistake to head coach Norval Turner during the game. Mistakes happen, it just sucks that one of the NFL's best referees will suffer the consequences.

P.S. earlier in the game, there was a replay malfunction that went against the Chargers. Norval did not have a good day.

Comments on these issues and all theings NFL welcome. Other than that, get ready for a good ol' fashioned barn burner down here in Texas. Anyone else hoping for a 59-59 tie?