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Jim Zorn is no longer a losing coach

Just like that the Redskins beat the Saints 29-24, a team billed by many as one of the best in the NFC outside the East. Redskins move to 1-1 under new Head Coach Jim Zorn. No one wanted it more than him, I'd imagine.

These are just my quick thoughts before I hit the road, but:

  • That Chris Horton found himself to the right place at the right times. I like Reed Doughty, but he's now on notice that his starting job is contested. Two picks against Drew Brees, who doesn't throw that many interceptions (2.7%)? Good times.
  • Defense played incredibly stout, especially in the cliche battle, defeating the run on our way to victory. New Orleans held to 55 yards and 2.9 YPC. I'd say we silenced Reggie Bush, but he did have that punt return...
  • Things aren't going so hot for Durant Brooks, who muffed a hold that ultimately failed a FG and apparently lost the memo in Re: not kicking to Reggie Bush. He'll get it together. I hope.
  • More three step drop slants to Santana Moss. This is supposed to be a timing offense, and I saw a lot of Campbell fleeing briskly from the line of scrimmage. He takes those short drops and throws to Santana Moss and good things happen, whether it's a long gain or a game-quitting 4th and 2.
  • I love the go for it mentality of Coach Zorn. Most coaches might be cowards in fear of the media barrage after a loss and kick the extra point or else punt (or whatever) on 4th and 2. Jim Zorn is new, has much to lose, and says eff it, stay on the field offense.
  • Antwaan Randle El hurdling Santana Moss after that big touchdown catch in the 4th quarter was definitely the play of the game. Randle El has ups.
  • Clinton Portis just said he was misunderstood by the outside world regarding the offense, his comments on. He looked sharp as did Jason Campbell, who just got some big time love from Portis. When asked what the difference was betwixt this week and last? "Number 17."
  • We ran well, we defended the run well, and we had big plays in the passing game. I could not be happier with the way the team played and now we look forward towards Arizona.