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New Orleans Saints @ Washington Redskins home opener

Game is scheduled for 1:00PM Eastern. I'm writing this open thread as of Friday, two days before kickoff, because I'll be traveling through hurricane weather potentially at some point between the next two days and I'm just not sure how much access to the internet I'll have. That is stated so that when you read this and go "Nuh uh Skin Patrol, X isn't injured anymore he was upgraded to probable like two hours ago, stoopid" I can say: I have no time machines.

An injury report will have to be gathered from collecting data from this webpage or else visiting as I don't have any current, easily consumable info for reader(s).

I'll schedule posting early on Sunday so hopefully this info will reach you in time. Click through to this link for NFL Distribution Maps as of Friday, so for those of you outside the alotted green areas, you best find a friend with Sunday Ticket or else yourself into a sports bar come 1:00PM Eastern. Our coverage is not so hot, hot, hot.

Prediction: As this has been or currently is an even line game I don't even feel bad picking the Redskins something like 24-20. You are encouraged to get your own predictions in the comments below, which I hope tap out over 100+ as they did last week, even without me around. If alive, I'll be outside the broadcast range so you'll have to do without me again this week.