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Chris Cooley misses some practice due to a quad injury

The Washington Times and the Washington Post are like divorced parents who I don't know who to talk to when I want something for fear of distressing the other. I have no sources except those readily available to reader(s), among two of my favorites being Redskins Insider (Post) and Redskins 360 (Times). The two entities frequently report on the same things so I'm always weary of giving both the face time they deserve. I assume there's some kind of professional contentiousness betwixt the two, but know newspapers, I love you both equally.

Redskins Insider:

Jason La Canfora reports that Chris Cooley is not taking part in practice; we'll see what Jim Zorn says about that later today. ...

Redskins 360 on the culprit:

Tight end Chris Cooley missed the first practice of his five-year career after injuring a quad this morning.

Article also notes a knee injury to Jason Taylor, though I know nothing of that for now.

Cool Chris has missed not a game since joining the team in 2004 and just seven starts his rookie season. Since the tail end of 2004 he's been as permanent and consistent an installment on our offense as anyone remaining on the roster. The reality is though, that while he might be immune to "dipshittedness" he isn't immune to injury. No one. Besides London Fletcher.

One of many good things about Fred Davis is, although we're better with Cooley than without, I think we'll manage fine for a few games should Cooley need some rest.

He should not have picked Dallas.

Anyways, my favorite player is a bit banged up and I hope someone keeps the website posted with updates on his statuts in the FanPosts, as I'll be driving much of today and incognito tomorrow, returning sometime Friday. The crazies have control of the asylum until then.