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Gone gambling on them 'Skins

I received an email last week from giving me some Redskins odds courtesy of Bodog, and thought I'd share. You know, for the kids. These are as old as the 27th of August and I have no idea to what degree they've changed:

Team Odds

Odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl XLIII

Washington Redskins                13/2 40/1


Odds to win the 2008 NFC Championship       

Washington Redskins                18/1


Odds to win the NFC East Division     

Washington Redskins                40/1 13/2


Win Totals

Washington Redskins Regular Season Wins

Over   7.5                      -115

Under 7.5                      -115


Washington Redskins Regular Season Home Wins

Over   4                         -130

Under 4                         Even


Washington Redskins Regular Season Away Wins

Over   3.5                      -110

Under 3.5                      -120


Player Performance Odds

Jason Campbell Passing Yards

Over/Under                    3300


Jason Campbell Passing Touchdowns

Over/Under                    18.5


Clinton Portis Rushing Yards

Over/Under                    1250


Clinton Portis Total Touchdowns

Over/Under                    10


Clinton Portis Receiving Yards

Over/Under                    350


Ladell Betts Rushing and Receiving Yards

Over/Under                    550


Santana Moss Receiving Yards

Over/Under                    950


Santana Moss Touchdowns

Over/Under                    5


Antwaan Randle El Receiving Yards

Over/Under                    650


Who will have more receiving yards?

Devin Thomas                 -300

Malcolm Kelly                +225


Chris Cooley Receiving Yards

Over/Under                    750


Chris Cooley Touchdowns

Over/Under                    6.5


Jason Taylor Sacks

Over/Under                    9.5


Andre Carter Sacks

Over/Under                    9.5

So there's obviously something screwed up with the first three odds, as it is somewhat implausible that we're more likely to win the Super Bowl than we are our conference and/or division.

Here is me on the rest, though reader(s) are constantly reminded that I am a horrible gambler:

  • 8 wins tells me we take the over on 7.5
  • I'd take the over on home wins. I think we've got Arizona and St. Louis beat. I don't necessarily like our chances against both Pittsburgh and Cleveland but think the two games combined are good for one victory. So I'm up to at least 3 home wins before I consider division, and I don't think we get swept at home 0-4.
  • Presuming 5 home wins (sounds about right) I'd take the under on away wins with 3, given my 8-8 prognostication.
  • Over on Jason Campbell and 3300 yards. Sans injury he would've done that last year, and I think he's a better quarterback in 2008.
  • I'm actually going to take under on 18.5 touchdowns as 18 sounds about right.
  • Portis is going over 1250 rushing yards. His 3.9 YPC was the lowest its been since 2004 and I see that improving without a substantial change in the amount of carries he gets.
  • Walking away on the touchdowns; Portis will have 10 rushing TDs.
  • As I still view Portis' strength in the passing game to be his blocking, not receiving, I'll take the under on receiving yards. 389 in 2007 was a career best and around 150 more than he'd ever had in Washington in a single season.
  • Betts... I'll take the under. Even with a slightly increased role in 2008 he's still just around that much.
  • Under on Moss, he's been a long way from 950 receiving yards for the past two years and I have to think with the introduction of Kelly and Thomas into this offense (even if it only happens closer to the end of the season) will steal from him some receptions.
  • Over on touchdowns, 3 receiving was a huge anomaly.
  • Over on ARE; even with the broken hand I think he's good for ~ 700 yards.
  • No comment on either Kelly or Thomas as I've left that up to readers, and I think that's a fluid development that I'd just as soon not try and predict with any certainty.
  • Cooley is over. In his current role as Redskins starting stud TE, more often than not he's been good for 750+ yards. I think the addition of Fred Davis impacts his numbers positively, actually.
  • Over on touchdowns as well, see above.
  • No comment on Taylor sacks, as I'm not about to predict a double digit season until he's had at least one as a 'Skin.
  • Andre Carter will have 10 sacks, bet on it.

Having said "bet on it" know that I do not put my money where my mouth is the above, because I haven't any. Money that is.