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Redskins preseason home opener against the Bills

This is your gameday open thread. I'm in Las Vegas while you are reading this, doing stupid. I always do stupid.

I don't have anything to add besides use this as your place to post about the game, if you happen to be hanging around near the internet while watching the game. Last time around we got damn near 100 comments (which probably sets some kind of blog record) just from a few of us. Everyone loves a community.

Hey, I'm not a weather man, but I know what one's emails look like. I received this:

This is Dan Stillman, lead meteorologist for Capital Weather Gang on --

Wanted to let you know that SkinsCast -- our weather forecast for home Redskins games -- has made its debut today on Capital Weather Gang. The direct URL for SkinsCast for Saturday's preseason home opener is ... this post will be updated as needed through Saturday.

Here is another relevant weather link, that I'm told will always display current and updated SkinsCast info. Please do not confuse this SkinsCast weather program with the website SkinsCast, which is just a great place to get Redskins news and updates.

See what I did there? Two birds, I shouted at SkinsCast and at Dan Stillman, lead meteorologist for the Washington Post. Huzzah for weat