Injury Bug Bites..again, Coach Zorn Tells it Like it is

Apparently rookie wide outs Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas weren't in shape when they showed up to camp kinda like how I showed up to work Monday morning, pretty freaking weak. The Redskins Insider explains:

Kelly and Thomas could not pass the team's conditioning test and their bodies quickly wore down with two-a-day practices, Zorn said (players have to perform a timed shuttle run within certain parameters). Both will miss several more weeks of the preseason and will be quite far behind. Zorn said it will be difficult to count on them to have mastered much of this system by the start of the season - if they are healthy - and they will very much be behind.

Coach Zorn went on to say that if a player can't pass the physcial test the team gives then  "then something's not right." In laymen's terms they need to get their collective heads and ass' wired together and condense the nonsense.  Coach Zorn went further and mentioned if his knees allowed he'd run the test and called it a pride thing.  Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas consider yourselfs called out. I like to try and take the good out of the bad in all things. The good: Coach Zorn is a players coach that wont be treated like a players coach. The bad: our rookie WR's wont be making any contributions any time soon.

Offensive linemen Todd Wade and Stephen Heyer join numerous other Redskins players on the pain train as they both be out at least two weeks.

As for other injuries, reserve tackles Todd Wade (high ankle sprain) and Stephon Heyer (MCL strain) will both miss at least two weeks, Zorn said. That's a pretty huge deal to me, considering they are the second-string tackles, and with the first team barely playing again Saturday night, someone's gonna have to protect Todd Collins's neck.

Well thank the maker we're installing the 3 step and throw offense because our QB's might not have time for a forth this preseason. Chad Rinehart who has lined up at both tackle and guard is now lined up at the all important LT spot.

Durant Brooks faired pretty well in the HOF game and Derrick Frost will try to at least match that aginst Buffalo where he will get all the punting duties. Look for the punters to possibly alternate duties by half in the last three preseason games.

Coach Zorn not only calls out players when they need to get their priorities straight, but also when they preform. One such player is RB Marcus Mason whom looked good in action against the Colts. Coach Zorn even thinks he could get a roster spot. I'm not so sure abouth that though. We have three RB's who have starting experience and two of them have 1000 yd seasons under their belts. With 80 man rosters already having hudge effects Marcus Mason might find himself on the practice squad simply because the team needsdepth on other positions.