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Skins: Best Record in Football

Okay, okay. Even I'm not going to go there. But it is always better to win these games than lose them. New Head Coach Jim Zorn went out there with a game plan... and it worked.

Gimme a J... (Image from here.)

Okay, you got me again. Its the preseason. The 30-16 win over the Colts means little. What matters is there were no injuries. (QB Colt Brennan and OT Stephon Heyer were both limping around at different points... but if that's all the injuries, count this as a victory.)

I'm not even going to go as far as, say, Yahoo! Sports who said that Colt Brennan, "the record-breaking quarterback out of Hawaii" was able to "change the game." Wow.

Now, some people might say I'm just using the name Colt Brennan to get hits... but I don't get any less money for doing that. Or more money. Or any money. I'm using the name Colt Brennan simply because the kid showed up to play. Using stats (John Madden be damned), we see that Colt Brennan had himself a day: 9 of 10, 123 yards, 2 TDs. He got sacked once (for 1 yard because he held the ball too long) but he played pretty well. Surprisingly well.

But, again, its the preseason. The top 3 players for the Redskins: RB Marcus Mason, S Chris Horton and Colt Brennan. Which of those 3 will score the winning points on Opening Day? I thought so.

It was an exciting game. I have S Chris Horton as my Player of the Game, a slight edge over Colt Brennan only because Horton played in both halves and made plays on defense and special teams. (Member the opening kick?)

It was a good way to start the year. But it doesn't mean anything... except that football is coming. And that, my friends, is always something to talk about.