Frosty moving on...Well after he Cry's a little

Not an even competition...Duhhhhhhhh?

Derrick Frost got cut, he thought he had won the "big" punter's battle for the Redskins. 

As reported from the Washington Times

"They said the competition was even, but it definitely wasn't," said Frost, who averaged 45.5 yards gross and 32.3 net to Brooks' 42.8 and 34.5. "I started the last game, and I definitely outplayed him after they said it was even going in. It was a sham. There was no competition. I think [special teams coach Danny Smith's] hands were tied."

Derrick, welcome to the real world or please wake-up... it's more than numbers and performance.  The NFL is a business, where team's objectives are to make money and try to put the best product on the field year in and year out. 

Objective one: Make a profit

Objective two: Field a competitive team, setup you team to be competitive for as many years as possible.

Brooks showed he can perform just as well as you, possibly better over the next 4 years.

Per Rich Tandler:

There are those who will say that Durant Brooks made it because the Skins didn't want to waste a draft pick. I don't think so. For all its faults, this team isn't afraid to admit it made a mistake (see Archuleta and Lloyd). Brooks made it because there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between them and Brooks is five years younger, cheaper, and he'll be under contract for at least four years

And as always the Post reporters gave the initial platform to any player who "slams" the front office,  Redskin insiders, who are actually on the link.  It's not so cynical, all 10 draft picks are signed for several years.

It's smart business, the potential for maximum return with minimal investment because of late round drafting... 

Damn, Even the Vikings front office is keeping Draft picks over veterans via Fox Sports: I'm sure it was a fair competition...

Neither Bollinger nor Booty performed well during the preseason, but because Booty was a fifth-round draft pick from a prominent program — Southern California — it would have been difficult to pass him through waivers and put him on the practice squad. NFL teams can begin assembling their eight-player practice squads on Sunday.