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Open Game Thread Indy Colts @ Washington Redskins

Testing, testing. The fake season provides an excellent opportunity to test one of the newer features of the site. Back when we upgraded to SB Nation 2.0, one of the features we picked up was the ability to post-date our entries so that we could write now, say see ya later brohim, and the thing would show up at a specified time. So hopefully you're looking at this at exaclty August 3rd, 2008 08:00PM Eastern.

We've got a home game against the Colts in far off lands this evening and the world will be watching. NFL officially returns to the universe making all well once again, at least for a few fleeting months. The HoF game is played:

The Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins will kick off the 2008 National Football League preseason in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game on Sunday, August 3 in Canton's Fawcett Stadium. The game will be televised on NBC's Sunday Night Football.

Fawcett Stadium, not that I need to tell anyone this, is also where the Canton McKinley High School Bulldogs, Timken Trojans (also High School), GlenOak High School, Waslh University and Malone College play football. The capacity crowd of ~ 22 thousand should be like totally crazy man. I expect ruckus at least rivaling that of the upcoming Mckinley Bulldogs vs. North Canton Vikings (October 4th is right around the corner, get your tickets!).

Hail to Football, we've missed you. Be sure to check out Stampede Blue's pregame post as well as their site periodically throughout the day, as I'm sure they will also have an open thread up.

This is your gameday open thread.

Curly R has one up here as well, enjoy.