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Sean Taylor gone, but never forgotten, even in the strangest places

Take, for instance, a Hawaii vs. Washington College Football game:

Which could help to explain why Redskins Nation has so quickly taken to Colt Brennan.

Last week my love of football and personal life collided in an unusual manner and I didn't even notice. Through much of the summer I've been watching I Love Money with my girlfriend. For those of you who don't know the show, it's basically people who have lost at various VH1 matchmaker shows (the ones with Bret Michaels, William Jonathon Drayton, Jr., and that drag queen dude from I Love New York, uhhh, I think his name is Tiffany Pollard) competing, not for love, but money. Wackiness ensues, much belly laughing and knee slapping etc. Honestly I loathe these kinds of shows but this one has grown on me like a parasite because there are just enough likeable characters not to make me want to sepukku my own culture just for creating this kind of thing.

Anyways, to my credit I watch the show so apparently uninterested that I didn't even notice a Sean Taylor shirt staring back at me at an elimination ceremony I know I witnessed. You can't get anything past Chris Mottram, though:

My lady friend turned on some show called "I Love Money" today after I made the horrible mistake of handing her the remote. Apparently, this show brings together the most whorish of whores from "Flavor of Love" and the douchiest of douchebags from "I Love New York" and puts them in a house to get drunk and spread disease, or something like that. Whatever, I don’t watch these programs. I’m a reality show snob, which means I stick to Bravo, strictly.

For a guy who allegedly sticks to Bravo he seems to know a whole bunch about this show. Speaking from experience, I happen to know that having a girlfriend who loves these kinds of shows tends to make you an expert on them whether you want that or not, and Chris knows damn more about the content than he is displaying. There is no distancing yourself, Chris. As a society we're all guilty, you're complicit through association with the lady friend. Similarly plighted, let me just say that I understand, dude. When it comes to VH1 celebreality TV viz a viz one's girlfriend, I put the pathetic in sympathetic. By the way isn't The Entertainer like totally wild? OMGoose! What was 12-pack thinking! Fall on your sword, Chris, you know what I'm talking about.

Matter at hand, one of the I Love Money characters went to the elimination ceremony sporting a Sean Taylor shirt and showing much love to number 21. Whatever else I hate about this show in particular and the genre generally, anything and everything displaying in memory of Meast gets a solid vote of support from me.



Although I can't read it because my vision blows, I'm told the shirt reads:

Sean Taylor


The Good Die Young

And he was.