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Fantasy Football is a go

We've got our very own Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League which I've now figured out how to post on (draft will probably be set for next Tuesday at 8:00PM Eastern if anyone is listening) and now, somehow, I'm giving Fantasy advice at an actual Fantasy Football website. As I said over there, I'm actually not very good at FF, or pick'em leagues, or anything, really. My opinion on who to draft from the 'Skins should probably be ignored. But the SBNation Fantasy Football blog Fake Teams is getting the scoop on best fantasy player + best fantasy sleeper from all the bloggers for their respective teams. Here's a tease on what I had to say:

Washington Redskins Fantasy Sleeper:

Confusion as to who will emerge as the #2 WR to Santana Moss could aid prospective fantasy owners in snagging a steal late in the game because no one really knows who will finish the 2008 season at that position. Is Antwaan Randle El going to go before Malcolm Kelly going to go before Devin Thomas? Ostensibly one of them ends up as the #2 guy and if you can pick correctly in the later rounds of the draft you'll be the business. Both Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly have disappointed thus far in the offseason which will drop their stock...

If you want to know which of the three I'd actually take -- and thus which one you probably shouldn't -- you're going to have to visit Fake Teams.

I'm still listening on suggestions for prizes at the end of this Fantasy Football season. You guys need to let me know what you want extra a front page post here at Hogs Haven.