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Jason Taylor will return, is needed something awful

I'd write up a recap of the game but that would be fail for two reasons: 1) I didn't watch it! I was at a wedding destroying a dance floor, my credibility, and any doubts about just how uncool I am, if any still existed. 2) Do we really want to continue thinking about that unmitigated disaster? Carolina beat us down. Everything that has gone wrong over the course of the last 5 some odd years in Washington just happened in one game. We couldn't move the ball, Jason Campbell was getting sacked and fumbling the ball, couldn't stop the run, injuries, etc. Recaps go: Cat Scratch Reader or Curly R's exhaustive game review or our own drWNC or Mr. Irrelevant.

As bad as the game was, the injury to Jason Taylor was the pits. Having already lost our starting defensive end we ditched a 2nd and 6th rounder to get Taylor. It crossed my mind that maybe that whole deal wasn't going to play out in the manner I'd hoped and that maybe defensive end for the Washington Redskins would be the next featured profession after Deadliest Catch. 'Cause it's dangerous, mang.

Mercifully comes the good news, via Redskins Insider:

Jason Reid reports that Taylor, whose knee was hit in a pileup in the second quarter of the Redskins' 47-3 loss, will be out 10 days to two weeks and, Zorn said, the team will proceed cautiously with him.

Jamie points out:

Loser: Jason Taylor — Started 130 straight games as a Dolphin, sprains his knee and gets carted off before starting one as a Redskin. (Update: Taylor is out 10 to 14 days, and may not miss a start after all.)

If he does miss a start it's no big deal. What could possibly go wrong without the most talented defensive linemen in the game against the current Super Bowl World Universe Totally Bestest Team Ever Last Year New York Giants. At the Meadowlands. What, me worry?

Seeing as how the last time Jason Taylor missed a football game was 1999, it's hard not to get doom-and-gloom about the injury. Acknowledging that getting "tangled in a pile of players" is somewhat of an unusual injury, he's managed to avoid that kind of thing for ten years now and I'm somewhat troubled by the injury. Despite Taylor's assurances that Dancing With the Stars did not effect his football-readiness one bit, we now have one data point against and zero for that particular theory.

I view one season of Jason Taylor in a Redskins uniform as poor use of draft resources and remain uncertain as to his level of interest in the game, injured, at thirty three years old. What I had my fingers crossed was for return to DPOY level play or at least a long, healthy season (which had only happened for eight straight years) to keep Taylor's mind off the lousy aspects of the game -- like tangling piles -- he has been blessed to avoid.

Enough negativity, the great news is that he'll return. For now, that's reason enough to celebrate.