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Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers open thread

This is Your Washington Redskins (at Carolina Panthers) open thread.

I'll be doing wedding stuff all day so don't expect me to be about making insightful comments, which I wouldn't be doing even were I not at wedding stuff. I don't do insight. Places to go would be drWNC's excellent FanPost up earlier today, Curly R will almost surely have a gameday thread up [Edit by Ben, 4:30 pm ET indeed I do], or our SBNation Carolina Panther's blog, Cat Scratch Reader.

Team's projected depth chart reveals no significant scratches besides LaRon Landry, who will be played today by Kareem Moore. More meaningful is the fact that both Carlos Rogers and Rocky McIntosh are projected to start today, which could not be happier news. I say: Get them reaccustomed to gameday speed and then get them out. There is no point reaggrivating injuries, especially with one more preseason game in front of the team.

Unless the chart is balogna, Kedric Golston continues to beat out Anthony Montgomery for the starting DT spot beside Cornelius Griffin. The back-and-forthbetween Kedric the Barbarian and Mt. Gomery has been one of the most interesting roster stories of the past few years, and really is a testament to the huge success of the 2006 draft's lower rounds (Reed Doughty, too!).

While we're on the subject of balogna, this issue may divide people for the rest of history, but I recently watched the Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget, and Norm Macdonald's set was the funniest, most original thing I'd ever seen from a Roast. You can watch the edited bit CC aired here (and I'm told they almost didn't air his set because it was so bizarre) and the uncut stuff here. I am morally convinced Norm Macdonald is the funniest person in history. Him reading a dictionary would make me laugh.

Enjoy the game, I'm going to watch a friend get married.