Game against Panthers will provide some answers to questions

Super Bowl run or Not?

The Herald, a local paper for Rock hill, SC provided some insights on what the panthers need to see in tonight's game, keying off "good writing" what will the game provide for the Redskins.

The herald- Game against the Redskins will clear up many big questions

From both official sites, while still preseason this game is being treated different, both teams are doing some game planning.

Redskins head coach Jim Zorn said he is treating this fourth preseason contest as a rehearsal for the regular season. That means starters are expected to play their most extensive action of preseason: The official site of the Washington Redskins

"We'll actually have somewhat of a game plan, whereas the first two games we didn't," quarterback Jake Delhomme explained after the final full practice of the week Thursday.  "So we have a very scaled-down version of the game plan; we'll go in and we've watched a little film on Washington." from the Panthers team page

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Defensively Carolina should provide a good test on for OF Line blocking for both the running game and passing game, including a premier rusher.  Julius Peppers has shown some of his old style, having several sacks in his limited play during the panther's first two preseason games, it's reported after an average year last year he rededicated himself to his off-season workout this year. 

The first-game exploits of Julius Peppers were fine, but the Panthers need to show that someone else on the line can get some push.

Anything Brayton adds would be welcome, but tonight's going to be interesting as to how the Panthers bring pass-rush up the middle. If they can get Damione Lewis (and rotation players Darwin Walker and Gary Gibson) going, it'll be welcome relief for the rest of defense.

If they can get some push up the middle, they won't need to blitz as much. And given some of the Panthers' past issues against tight ends, being able to keep linebackers back will help the defense be more sound front to back

We will need to see from the Redskins the timing which has been talked about during the preseason as well as a continued performance of a solid run game.  With the introduction of Zorn as head coach early this year the talk has been about the new Washington Redskins offense, the WCO, do the Redskins have the right players...Carolina as somewhere between an above average to average defense  should provide a glimpse into an answer for all of those questions tonight.

The washington Redskins defense started to show some press coverage during last weeks preseason contest and since it is reported as Blache's defensive style we should see it again tonight.  The panthers have 2 recievers and a QB who helped lead them to superbowl a few years back, all are back together for the first time in just about as many years, they will be looking for that spark.  They should test the Redskins secondary.

With Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad back on the field, we're going to see how well Jake Delhomme can move the Panthers through the air.

The Panthers running game is a question, promise may be available with this years draft pick. 

The Panthers' other first-rounder, running back Jonathan Stewart, has largely gone unnoticed this month. He's barely made a ripple in the preseason, sitting out the opener and carrying just four times (for 3 yards) in Philadelphia.

They're going to give him some carries with the first team tonight, and he needs to show he can produce that way.

There's no reason to believe he won't, but instead of taking the lion's share of the work, he could settle into a purely complementary role if he doesn't flash soon.

That's no indictment of his skills, rather the sterling camp DeAngelo Williams has turned in.

Panthers are normally a running team but I'm not expecting that tonight I think they will try to establish a passing game to setup the run.  The Redskins have shown sign's of weakness towards a controlled passing game, it should be a good preseason sounding board for the defensive backfield and defense all around.

The game will be a test and while it will not completely indicate how the Redskins season will go this year, it will provide insight.  I would go so far in saying that based on tonights performance you will best be able to "guess" the season record.  

A poor to average first half will point to an 8-8 or 7-9 year for your Washington Redskins.  An above average performance should equate to a winning season and a play-off run.  How did they do? Enjoy the game! at least the first half.