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Washington Redskins @ New York J-E-T-S Open Thread

As a change of pace, I've scheduled this open thread to post a few hours prior to the game, as I will be drinking at a Buffalo Wild Wings nowhere nigh the internet. How about... 5:00PM Eastern on the morrow. is super prepared with their Gameday Post up a day in advance including all sorts of important info like projected starters and it's Saturday do you know where your Kelli Johnson is:


via the Bogger

The game will be televised locally on Comcast SportsNet and WUSA-TV Channel 9. Mike Patrick will call the play-by-play, with color commentary by Joe Theismann. Kelli Johnson serves as sideline reporter.

I'm pretty sure that's Kelli Johnson on the left. Joe Theismann does color commentary, Mike Patrick calls the play by play, but Johnson serves as sideline reporter? Why can't she just report from the sideline? This sexist world.

Comment on chauvinism or the game while it's happening (or chauvinism during the game while it's happening) because this is Your Washington Redskins (@ Jets) open thread. Cheers.