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Rock Cartwright's rib

History unfolds:

Clinton Portis is expected to play on Saturday against the Buffalo Bills, but Rock Cartwright may be sidelined due to a rib injury.

I don't remember seeing him play against the Bills, but apparently he did...

Rock Cartwright, who broke a rib Saturday night against Buffalo...

Redskins Insider goes on to add that he hurt his rib again at practice today and that ultimately led to his tending by team trainers. I'll try and update this post with additional info as soon as it comes in.

I love Rock Cartwright and think he's a huge asset for the team as a kick returner. Last year he was one of the most consistent returneres in the league and, behind Josh Cribbs, arguably the 2nd best returner in the entire NFL. I doubt that Rock is the type of player to break more than one touchdown a year, but he's going to get you that 25+ yards of return position more consistently than just about anyone (again, besides Josh Cribbs). Granting the importance of field position means granting the importance of Rock Cartwright to this team.

While I personally think Marcus Mason can make the cut with or without Rock on the roster, it will certainly be easier for him to sneak on as a backup RB if the team is unsure about Rock's health. I doubt the team will take my advice and move Cartwright to full back on the roster (bumping Nemo Broughton) while keeping Marcus Mason at tailback, especially if Rock is injured. But if Cartwright can't shore up the running back position, perhaps the team will consider keeping Mason around the roster anyways, for fear that dropping him on the practice squad will result in his early exit, and not keeping him on the roster is simply too risky given injury concerns for a few of our backs.

Let me throw this out there, though: While we're congratulating Mason on looking so strong this preseason, I'm still of the opinion that running back is one of the most fungible positions in the NFL, despite the enormous praise the league's best running backs receive. At least as impressed as I've been with Mason's running so far, I've kept my eye on the holes he's flying through and nodding in support of our offensive line and running scheme, which is largely a carry over from our old system. Jim Zorn has made a concerted effort not to alter the running game dramatically, and it has paid off so far; the Redskins are currently 6th in YPA despite not yet breaking out a single 20+ yard rush (which can hardly be blamed on the line or the offensive scheme).

Something to chew on this week. We don't have a Jets blogger, currently (if you know one email me), so don't expect any typical back-and-forth this week before the game. Really, I know so little about the Jets, I wouldn't hold your breath for much analysis on the upcoming game, period. Especially because: I'm sick as a dog. I am ill. I do not feel well. I have disease.

So forgive me for a lack of content, but I'm in recovery mode.