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Hogs Haven Fantasy Football Update

I just sent out an email to the four people who were randomly selected to fill out the remainder of the Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League. Some of you signed up but weren't selected, and this post is for you. I'm trying to guesstimate how much additional interest we have in a 2nd Hogs Haven fantasy football league for the unchosen ones. My concern is that we might not have enough additional participants to fill an eight team league, and without that requisite interest there's really no point in me creating another league for others. So, this is a shoutout thread where I need to hear from those people who signed up but have not yet received an email from me directly. If you are out there, please let me know in this post whether you are still interested in participating; if enough of you respond we'll make another league.

I don't know when the draft is going to be but I will make sure and give everyone enough time beforehand to get settled on strategy and date and etc. We'll be in touch.