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Place your Brett: Favre to Washington Redskins rumor won't die

The amount of money I'm willing to bet that Brett Favre will be a Washington Redskins next season = zero, pending some really alluring odds that could make me rich rich rich so long as I box it with equally unlikely scenarios such as the Patriots sacking Tate Glasscock in the endzone to ultimately win 8-6. What am I talking about? Glasscock.

The only reason I mention this Brett Favre to Redskins nonsense is because it is now the 2nd time I've heard it, though don't ask me to recall from whence it came in the first. All I know is, an anonymous gambling entity (I call him Gamblor!) known only as "LazerWager" makes the case in strong terms. See for yourself:

While most sports journalist and radio hosts are hyping the Minnesota Vikings as Favre's next team, LazerWager suggests the Washington Redskins are the perfect fit for Favre's return this year. 'Favre has too much respect for his former teammates and fans to join a rival from the NFC North. And the Packers don't want to face him two times this season,' stated DelGato.

Washington's roster provides plenty of targets in Chris Cooley, Santana Moss and Antwaan Randle El. All three receivers caught 50 passes or more for at least 700 yards, even with Jason Cambell and Todd Collins splitting time at the quarterback position.

One might go on to say especially with Todd Collins splitting time at quarterback as he was a full 2 yards an attempt better than JC last year, which may not sound like much but is a magical number of magnitude that also partially distinguishes the career of Joe Montana from that of Chuck Fusina. Who knew?

None of which is said to dog Jason Campbell, or Chuck Fusina for that matter, but let's not forget that Todd Collins was very much the cause and not a hinderance of having three receiving targets accomplish arbitrary goals that may interest only those of us who write Redskins blogs as a hobby.

More than what Santana Moss, Antwaan Randle El, and Cooley accomplished, the devil or angel on Favre's shoulder shouldn't forget that we also drafted a few really tall, really hyped kids in Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly. Brett loves to throw passes into coverage and against many nickel and dime backs that won't necessarily hurt him so long as the people on the receiving end are as large, strong, and sure-handed as two of our 2nd round picks. Fred Davis? He's not small.

Although I think rumors of Favre-to-Washington are greatly exaggerated, don't interpret my repeating them as evidence of me wanting Jason Campbell anywhere but as the starting QB of the Redskins. Like Tandler, I have my questions in Re: Campbell, but remain optimistic that he's the player who serves to gain the most from having Head Coach and former QB and former QB Coach Jim Zorn tending shop. My concerns with Jim Zorn do not involve his ability to develop zee quarterbacks, a skill he's proven almost beyond reproach, but rather with ability to captain the entire ship, for which he's as proven as this author.

Hey so what about that Brett Favre guy, yea?