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Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League now sponsored

Umm, I suck.

So I probably should have made this post like a week ago, but I was too stupid to figure out some of the specifics on our now sponsored Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League, run by Fanhouse. Check out the Official Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League here. It's going to be a 12 person league, I believe non-keeper. I can reserve exactly 8 of those 12 spots, so email me after you have registered if you want to be one of the other 7 people guaranteed a spot in that league (but you must register first!). I will select the 7 people based on blog participation and longevity. I think regular reader(s) of this site know who those 7 people will probably be, but since we only have like 7 regular commenters/readers/participants anyways, you should email me even if you are a lurker or an infrequent commenter because I have no idea how many of the regulars will even signup. A good way to increase your odds of getting picked is to create an account and start commenting, immediately, in this thread. The remaining four spots (7+1+4=12) will go to four people randomly selected from all others signing up.

Registration page is here. Just make sure you select the Hogs Haven league from the little pop down menu.

League is totally free. Prizes are unknown for now but here's the little generic blurb they posted for me to enter:

Join the Hogs Haven fantasy league for a chance to beat the SBNation blogger. At the end of the fantasy season, the blogger may even decide to publish YOUR post on Hogs Haven. Or there may be other prizes — check this page and your favorite SBNation blog regularly for details. Click on the Register Now button in the left sidebar and choose which league (Hogs Haven) you want to join. It’s quick and easy. But don’t wait! We’ll be selecting the league participants at the end of the month.

You can alter the "may even decide to publish" to "will publish" if you'd like, as I have zero problem permitting whomever wins this thing to post crazy-super-awesome bragging rights here. Because that person will be me; I rule.

I apologize about the timeline. First: You guys need to register IMMEDIATELY because "at the end of the month" is pretty soon. Second: If you want one of the 7 remaining guaranteed spots, you need to email me ASAP. Third: If you don't get one of the 7 guranteed spots, and you don't get one of the 4 randomly selected spots, don't worry; we'll set up a league for the rest of you through Fanhouse if you guys want to play on that platform. And since I'm feeling saucy, bragging right post prizes will be available for all winners of Fanhouse leagues populated by Hogs Haven registrants.

So get out and go register for the Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League.