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There really is nothing happening

I promised I would return yesterday yet, here I am world, and there's nothing happening with Your Washington Redskins. It was a busy, crazy week for me. Rather than apologizing for not being around to post all the super-nuts-cool things that were happening, I'll do you a favor by not boring you with details on why my week wasbusy and/or crazy.

If you can call this news:

Actually everything Chris Cooley does is badass, so I will call this news. Hey everyone, Captain Chaose got hats, family, friends. My fav is the yellow striped one because it reminds me of the sweet Johnny Chimpo Afghanistanimation from Super Troopers. In other news, I'm almost completely blind.

Chris Samuels loves ballet school haaaaaaaaaaaah! (But seriously, that's good people on him. We support giving back to communities and applaud Samuels for doing so.)

Hat tipped to Football Outsiders for pointing me to Pete Prisco's Top 50 Players. The following Redskins made the list:


He also has a "Just Missed" section. The following Redskins made that list:


I'll address that later this week, as I think there are a few Redskins deserving of mention on at least one of those lists.

This offseason thing? It lasts forever.