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Chris Cooley at KSK and Redskins Official Blogger

I want to be quick for two reasons: I've been at work all day and have little interest in blogging right now, I want you to spend less time reading this and more time reading both TexSkins TC Battle Ground article and all the wonderful FanPosts. On this latter issue, I just can't thank you guys enough for the time you put into this site. It would be awful boring (or more awful and/or more boring than it currently is) without you guys to update the site on the sidebar. Football, or some semblence of it, has finally returned. However, my life has not dutifully awarded that return with excessive free time, so I'm unable to provide the time committment to this website that I would have hoped for this time of year. The fact of the matter is that I don't do this for a living, this is what I do during the time when life permits, but there are a lot of people out there who do blog -- about this particular team -- for a living, and are doing a fine job of it.

Having said that, because this ain't the only show in town by any stretch of the imagination, check on Chris Cooley, who blogs everywhere (but not technically for a living), joining the guys at KSK. A teaser:

The one cool thing about the first month of camp is living in a dorm room. I love it when I get to leave my 2.8 million dollar house and live in a 400 square foot box, trade in the Mercedes for the bus, and curl up in my twin bed. The TV’s are great too, who isn’t happy when they pick up 10 total channels on a 24 inch box? Yea, I guess now people can say what a ungrateful bastard I am and how much anyone would give to play pro football, but please, whether it’s a high school or NFL training camp, it’s still gonna be as fun as a bag of dicks.

I'm of the opinion that Chris Cooley is one of the greatest TEs in the NFC slash the league. He might be a better writer/observer of life than football player, though. Is he ever not correct, about anything?

Other big news I picked up on my own earlier this week but really dove into via DC Sports Bog, who interviews the brandest newest blogger to the Redskins blogosphere who happens to also be Official.

After weeks of speculation and more speculation, the Redskins got their blogger, and just in time, too. He is Matt Terl, he reported for work this past weekend, and his blog--tentatively called "The Official Blog of the Washington Redskins"--went live on Sunday morning.

I don't know if anyone noticed, but the blog already ended up on the side of this website, here. Out of the gates he's already got constant training camp updates to the tune of 7 today, 9 yesterday. I have a more than passing understanding of what it is the team is trying to do with this new project, and consequently have total faith that it will be a huge success. I encourage reader(s) to make it a daily visit as it should be an outstanding place for TC updates, among other things. I think Redskins fans are uniquely blessed to have this many frequently updated resources (both the Times and the Post have embraced online writing as well as any publications I'm aware of, and now so has the team) and you guys would be crazy not to take advantage of them all. Best of luck to Matt Terl, The Official Blogger of Your Washington Redskins.

Having said that, I encourage all lurkers to register and all reader(s) to visit the FanPosts and the front page stories below. Just as Hogs Haven isn't the only source of Redskins content on the internet, Skin Patrol isn't the only (or even a particularly good) source of content on this website.