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Phillip Daniels has a torn ACL

This is infuriating.

Hat tip to drWNC for getting the story up in this FanPost. Per multiple sources, we'll start with David Elfin at Redskins 360:

We just got a tip that defensive end Phillip Daniels tore at least the ACL in his left knee. He just came into Redskin Park with a big brace on his leg and on crutches. His wife came to pick him up and take him home.

And Redskins Insider:

Jason Reid has learned that Phillip Daniels is out for the season and, while we are still pinning down the exact specifics of the knee injury, it is indeed season-ending, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

I don't have much time to comment other than to say this is a huge disappointment and an enormous setback going into the season. There is no way to spin the loss of your starting defensive end (and sometimes defensive tackle) well. There is no addiction by subtraction here. Furthermore, Daniels is growing long enough in the tooth where one must wonder how many more season ending injuries his career can survive.

It is good news for others competing for a spot at defensive end, but not for Alex Buzbee. Both Insider and 360 report that he went down as well. It might end up being big news for Jason Taylor as there are now rumors that the Redskins are even more interested in his services now, for obvious reasons.

My only hope is that Erasmus James plays to the expectations of the 1st round pick that he was or that Chris Wilson develops into a more complete player.

Once more, this is horrible news for the defensive line. Without having played a single snap in 2008, we're already operating at 75%.