How much of the farm, or none?

Jason Taylor?

Daniels done taylor coming

The word from Washington Times is that Daniels has a torn ACL, which could lead the Redskins to begin to take a look at Jason Taylor,

The Redskins already have an injured Defensive player in James, who showed some brilliance during his first season after being drafted out of Wisconsin but cannot stay healthy.  The Redskins do appear to be short at the Defensive End position, who will step it up or who will they go get to improve the line?

How much is Jason Taylor worth now or is anything too much?  [Note by dr WNC, 07/20/08 7:13 PM EDT ]Is he worth a 2nd rounder in 2009 and a 6th rounder in 2010.

Training camp has just started and as documented the battles will be talked about often but even more so the injuries, which are quickly becoming the topic of the day with Daniels, Buzzbee and Smoot.