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ESPN the Mag won't give up on Jason Campbell

A very good discussion erupted in another thread. Allskins stated what many Redskins fans are probably thinking but unwilling to admit publicly summarized thusly:

We can make all of the excuses we want…he’s had differnt coordinators, he had differnt coaches, he had to learn different systems…..THAT IS PART OF THE GAME!!! He is the next great redskin QB the same way Ramsey was the next great redskin QB….We need to face the music and realize that we wasted a 1st round pick and not keep believing that he is the answer. I really hope that I’m wrong and this is his break out year because being a die-hard fan I’d rather be wrong and see our team get a ring this year than see all the “experts” get paid big bucks and we are sitting at home in January…..I just don’t get why our great Campbell gets outperformed by all of his competition….Just check the stats and tell me I’m wrong

That is probably a bit stronger language than I would use, as I think there are compelling reasons not to yet give up on JC as the future here with the team. But the stats is what they is and hardly tell the story of a can't miss quarterback prospect worthy of all our hopes and dreams. The truth for me personally is that I have a lot at stake with Campbell and should just admit that honestly. When this team was going down in flames with Mark Brunell at the helm circa 2006, I made repeated, strongly worded appeals for Jason Campbell to replace him.

The purpose of this thread is to keep the discussion moving forward, as I think it's a worthwhile one for Redskins fans to have. Indeed, fans are having it right now in Ben's Brett Favre post because one can hardly consider a future with Brett at the helm without considering the impact that will have on Campbell. And the degree to which one supports a QB change hinges primarily on how one feels about Jason.

Where I stand will probably be revealed in the link I provide shortly but I'm going to do my best to stay objective throughout this engagement. I think I probably put too much faith into Patrick Ramsey (as TexSkins is quick to remind me when we discuss the former Redskins QB) and supported him longer than the stats or his actual on-field performance justified. I wish to commit against doing the same with Jason Campbell.

In any event, I'm not the only one who hasn't given up on him. Per ESPN The Mag's Top 5 players who will "blow up" (whatever that means) this season:

JASON CAMPBELL, QB, WASHINGTON REDSKINS We like this for a lot of reasons: (1) his new coach is Jim Zorn, a good QB in his own right; (2) Portis/Cooley and company give him a bunch of weapons; and (3) we like guys from undefeated teams in college—oh wait.

I concur that playing under Jim Zorn will certainly help Campbell as much or more than any other player on the team. But now I flee this discussion and submit it to readers to sort out amongst yourselves.

Elsewhere (ATTENTION CHRIS MOTTRAM: The stalker is absotively posilutely not, not, not played out and don't you dare change) Jamie Mottram hollared at me about a Chris Cooley interview available here or something. (As per usual, CptChaosSidekick was on point -- he misses nothing.) I was going to post about it but then Mr. Irrelevant went all blogotastic on my face and beat me to the punch, which is just as well 'cuz I found his take delicious. Among other topics discussed:

3. Albert Haynesworth is a piece of shit. Well, he didn’t say that in so many words, but he did, when asked about dirty players, tell a story about Haynesworth blindsiding him on an interception return in the Pro Bowl. There’s a thin line between that and Sean Taylor laying out Brian Moorman, sure, but at least that dude was carrying the ball. Plus, punter’s drop like a house of cards. And, oh yeah, Haynesworth is the same guy who stomped on Andre Gurode’s helmet-less head.

Mr I. has some pretty phenomenal commenters who do good works. A representative sampling:

  1. Nationalcoholic Says:
    July 14th, 2008 at 7:58 am
  2. In Haynesworth’s defense, who hasn’t thought of cleating a Cowboy’s face?

Also, pretty much everything The Mayor types makes me laugh robust-like.

Final word and them I have to return to taking care of my infirm girlfriend, I just want to shout at The Curly R's Ben Folsom for doing right in this space in my weekend celebration: I was at a wedding, I was indeed in it, but couldn't have asked for a better website caretaker in my absence. Maybe if reader(s) ask real super nice style he'll decide to stick around on a regular basis. In truth, I wish Ben would join me here permanently at Hogs Haven and have told him as much through email, though now make my intentions known publicly in the hopes he posts more more more here. He usually disagrees with me which is why he's usually right, and this place is in desparate need of correctness, as I can't be bothered to provide much of it. But you already knew that.