Enough, Brett!

Promoted from fanposts.  This is an important discussion and Redskins fans need to have it.  I have an argument for the team exploring Brett's needs, I'll post up later. - Ben

Alright. I'm breaking my long silence on this blog to say express my seething frustration with this Brett Favre debacle.

The only thing I'm more tired of hearing about than Brett Favre's "surprising" unretirement is the idea that he would play for the Washington Redskins next season.

First of all, why any team would want Brett Favre -- who is clearly going to use a team for his own gain, form no relationship with the city, simply for his own benefit -- for ONE season is a mystery to me. He's turning 39 this season. Yes, he'll be effective, and yes, he'll probably be in the top half of quarterbacks in the NFL this season. But scarce few teams can afford to put Favre on a one-year lease -- and get stuck with his contract and his off-season shenanigans -- in favor of a younger quarterback.

Since this is a Redskins blog, let's talk about the Redskins.

Say Brett Favre came to the Washington Redskins. There would be enormous fanfare and Favre would be welcomed with open arms (because we're good fans). He would barely play in the preseason and come out in a new offense, in a new city, with a new set of receivers. Would he succeed? He's a great quarterback, but who knows if he needs time to adjust to a new team. Who knows how good his wide receivers actually were last season -- were they more responsible for GB's top-5 offense than Favre was? That's the big question -- WHO KNOWS.

As for the Redskins, we're sitting comfortably with a quarterback group I can't say is the best in the NFL, but is certainly one of the most deep and promising. Jason Campbell is on his way to being an NFL star. He's got the arm, the brain, the feet, the line (if healthy), the running game, and now, certainly, the receivers. He's turning 26 this season, which means he has at least 5 years in his prime at QB for the Redskins. Why waste a year of Campbell's prime -- and the Redskins obviously believe he's worth the investment -- for a year when Brett Favre probably gets the team to around an 8-8 record, builds no chemistry with the team because he is a rental, and we don't contend for a championship?

Jason Campbell is the Redskins' quarterback. He is everything a coach wants in this day and age. We drafted him a whole lot of pass-catchers, opened up the offense, and named him the starter instantly over the effective and impassioned Todd Collins. This is our guy. No one -- NO ONE -- who wants the best for the Redskins wants Brett Favre on our team.

As an aside, our neighbors in Baltimore shouldn't want him either (they're not a quarterback away from contention -- they should groom Flacco and Smith and take their lumps as a mediocre/rebuilding team this year). Neither should Green Bay, who has committed to Aaron Rodgers and not being jerked around by Favre anymore (good for them). The best team for Favre is Minnesota, who are honestly a QB away from the Super Bowl contention.

Bottom line -- Redskins fans and ownership, please pass on Favre.